a nauseatingly unpleasant person. A middle-class term popular in the mid-1960s and now very rarely heard. It has been suggested that this word is in fact a variation of 'Noah's', short for 'Noah's Ark', 1950s underworld rhyming slang for nark. As nauseate and nauseous were both fashionable terms in middle-class British and Americanuse in the early 1960s, they would seem more likely origins.
► 'She was goingout with a policeman; God, he was a real nause.' (Recorded, student teacher, London, 1965)
a nuisance, an unpleasant situation or task. 'Nauseate' had a (now obsolete) slang sense of bother, irritate or infuriate in the 1950s, whence this usage. The concept is rendered in modern speech by the colloquial expression to get up one's nose.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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